Recorder Links

At IST students begin recorder in grade three. They have the chance to learn basic technique, note reading skills as well as caring for the instrument. In grade four they review these skills and learn how to play in two parts (or along with other instruments) as well as reading one full octave on the treble staff. In grade five students continue to build on all their skills and become comfortable with accidentals and music that is at an intermediate level.

Below are a number of links that students can access to help them refine their recorder playing skills.

Recorder Tips

Practice chart

Recorder Fingering & Notes

Grade 3 & 4 students can practice new notes they have learned on the recorder and sight read/ learn a number of new songs online on the links below.

BAG songs

EGA songs

EGAB songs

DEGA songs

DEGAB songs

Recorder Karate Links

White Belt-Hot Cross Buns

Yellow Belt-Gently Sleep

Orange Belt-Merrily We Roll Along

Green Belt-Its Raining


Lion sleeps

Land of the silver birch

Interesting Recorder Videos


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