Concert Wrap Up & Reflection

The music concerts have now finished. Students did an amazing job performing.
After the last note has been played, the applause has died away, instruments have been moved back into their places in the music room students still have to complete one more task as part of their performance: The Concert Reflection.

Reflection is an important part of the musical process. It helps students develop skills of analysis and problem solving which enables them to be critical thinkers and develops their musicianship.

In kindergarten students draw how they felt about their performance and draw something they can remember from the concert. We as teachers write in a sentence describing their drawing.

KG Reflection

Kindergarten Reflection

In grade one and two students have to write their own descriptions of what they remembered from the concert.

Concert Reflection

Grade 1 Concert Reflection

In grade three through five students have to dig a little deeper and answer a few more questions. How could they have improved in the group performance? What about their own personal performance during the group performance? What could have been changed or added to the concert?

Grade 4 Reflection


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